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AUTOBLOC Brick-Making Machine

This machine is in development and promises to deliver many features and improvements. This page is for the development roadmap updates specific to its progress.

History Lesson

In 1983, Clive Doubell launched the international superstar machine "The Autobloc" which was the first step towards a more productive output of bricks than the hand moulds. The machine won international awards at various trade fairs and continued to be exported until its replacement machine - The Jumbo MK1.

The machine was limited to a single product; but it was built from sturdy materials that made it extremely durable. 


The simplicity of design is what we are looking for in a modern revision of this successful machine. We hope to take the principles it offered in order to create an additional product.

brick machine technical drawing

Modern Brick Machine Revision

The Jumbo MK3 takes care of a high-production capacity machine. With the Jumbo series machine already able to offer mutiple brick moulds, the revised Autobloc machine must only offer a single option. Having a dedicated purpose will simplify the design and discard the need for making adjustments to accommodate many different brick moulds. The machine also needed to solve a major issue - easy transport to other countries. That means simple disassembly with an instructional guide for reassembly.


Choosing a similar shape (omitting the extended wheel segment) needs a real-life feel. Prototyping does not eliminate the requirement for technical drawings or good engineering design principles; but it is an essential part of product development. 

A3 Autobloc printout.png


Fixing the height for a single mould as well as using design thinking to minimise the transport space required resulted in a very nice looking machine prototype. It was modelled around an existing Jumbo MK2 brick mould as a starting point; but since the machine was being developed from scratch, we thought to ourselves: "Why not make a brick mould that is bigger than the MK2 but smaller than the MK3?" So that is what we did!


Still working from the Jumbo brick-making machine sizes, a refinement was made for an M6 block mould (390x140x390mm LWH) to accommodate four per drop.



After the pandemic started and many businesses ceased operating, the Autobloc project was put on hold in 2020. It has been a difficult two years for everyone; but the Autobloc project has been revived and a new name will be adopted at product launch to commemorate a new era of rebuilding. 



There are several changes to make on some parts of the third prototype, but the testing phase is ready to be started. We will do this by selecting existing customers and offering the opportunity to purchase a prototype at a reduced cost in exchange for valuable feedback on the operation of the machine. Since the proof-of-concept needs to incorporate the foreign markets, the offer will not be restricted to South Africa only.

If you are interested in participating in this testing phase, please contact us and make your interest known.

Current Design Changes

Updates will appear here.


  • Adjustments made to material thickness

  • Adjustments made to bolt lengths for aesthetics

  • Adjusted handle bar angle & length for finger clearance safety

  • Prototype for M6 block mould assembly

  • Spare parts list visual guide for easy identification


  • Turning handles for rotating the machine at the end of the line

  • Latch mechanism with minimal required force

  • Stopping mechanism contact point reinforcement

  • Crossbar attachment for brick mould

  • Product name

  • Mass-production solution for accurate radial groove on shaft for inline-bearing ring clips

  • Assembly guide revision 3 (document)

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