A Manual Panmixer!

If you currently operate a brickyard, then you will know that it is important to have the mix ready for the machine. If the mix isn't ready, then the machine will wait, which means production loss, workers standing around and reduced profits!

For the larger machinery, there is the panmixer to ensure that aggregate is mixed with cement thoroughly and quickly. These monster mixers are usually diesel-driven or use a 3 kW electric motor to power the paddles turning. But if you have a smaller DIY brick machine, or possibly are using a manual Jumbo MK2, you are probably mixing by hand with a spade.

Finally, there is a new product to address this in-between phase in your brickyard's development.

Introducing the all-new 120 Litre Manual Doubell Panmixer !

Manual Panmixer - no electricity!

This wonderful game-changer is only 80 kg in weight, but can mix 4 buckets of aggregate in 5 minutes flat !

The machine features the new panmixer spider style, which is being used by all our larger panmixers. Whilst the panmixer has no side liners or floor liners that can be replaced, the paddles can be changed once worn.

Doubell Manual 120 litre panmixer

This panmixer has two pipe handles to allow 1~2 workers to mix with ease. For overloaded mixing, workers can extend the levers with an insert (not supplied) but should not be necessary.

This is a first revision, so let us know what you think. Better still, send us your photos and you may be featured on our site!

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