New Bricks and Blocks

Doubell has been making moulds for a very long time... 40 years this year, actually. Since the start of the business, there have been plenty of custom-sized bricks, blocks, pavers, retaining wall blocks, wall pillar blocks, wall caps, sill blocks, toilet blocks, rondavel and reservoir blocks, concrete grassblocks, rib or deck blocks, rockface bricks, stretcher blocks, decorative breeze blocks, AIRCONDITIONER blocks even (if you can imagine) and loads more interlocking blocks, pavers etc.

Wave pattern paving bricks

Styles have changed, trends emerge and fade, and the landscape of brick usage varies from facebrick to plastered throughout the world. But bricks are humanity's building unit. It starts with a brick and ends in a way of life - somewhere in between is a house, and office, a garage, a piggery, a boundary wall or something else quite unique.

Diamond-shaped paving bricks

Our online catalogue is a very small fraction of what have done in the past; and of course what we are capable of doing for customers around the world.

Concrete Decorative breeze blocks with oxide colouring

As part of our 40th year anniversary, we will be showcasing various bricks to allow you the opportunity to enquire, in case you find something that can help you kickstart a fresh business, help people in your community or simply make for yourself.

Our manufacturing process has come a long way since the beginning. It used to be a handful of clever people that would craft your machine as a once-off or batch. These days, we like to know that if we make something, we can make it again the same way. This translates into design, drawings and manufacturing instruction sets.

Various concrete brick samples

Over the course of our anniversary celebration, we will add bricks without the machine / mould to produce them. If the style or design is something you have an interest in, you may enquire about the production of a custom machine or DIY hand mould brick-maker. As customers have moulds made, we will add them to the catalogue.

Axe head pavers (also known as batwing pavers!)

If you have an interesting brick you would like to share, please send us a photo (or image from the web) to

Grassblock used on beachfront for tyre grip

Happy 40th anniversary - Enjoy !


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