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Gianna Doubell

I have given a lot of passion to this business. After the passing of my late husband in 2005, I was forced to renovate business practices to ensure customers find value in what we do. As a woman in business, I had to work extra hard in this industry; but our continued business (even after the pandemic) is a testament to my own commitment. I believe in the products we manufacture and that you will start your own business with the right tools.

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My Story

I was born in Newcastle, UK. My family emmigrated to South Africa in the 1970's.

I became a hairdresser to pay for my studies at Rhodes University in Grahamstown.

I graduated with my Bachelors of Commerce degree and continued rise in the hairdressing examination authority. I eventually became a regional hair examiner and then a national hairdressing modulator for the SETA services. I was asked to write the SETA standard for hairdressing, which later merged with cosmetology and beauty.

I returned to study through UNISA, acquiring my BCOM honours in Business Management.

I was already managing the finances for Doubell Machines, which became a good focus for university assignments.

In 2005, my husband passed away. I was called to take over the factory. And so, I did.

Looking for a support network in addition to my faith, I found the service organisation of Rotary International. While the mission is that of humanitarianism, the emphasis is on fellowship and I have found it to be a tremendous group of good-hearted people that benefits both the community and the members that form part of it.

Alongside my responsibilities to the business, I began my ascent in Rotary by taking on roles on various project committees. I became the president of the Algoa Bay Rotary Club in 2011-2012. After that, my passion for Rotary further fueled my contribution and I took on the role of Assistant Governor. In 2013, I led a youth group on a peace tour to Switzerland. In 2018 I was elected and served as District Governor for District 9370.

At the moment, I am committed to the business; but in a year or two, it is my intention to hand over the stewardship and pursue a more global role in Rotary International.


I trust that you will find our product quality only beaten by the absolute post-sale service.

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