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The mark of a Humanitarian is someone who has a desire to better the living conditions of his fellow country man. It is someone who simply cannot accept the difference in the living standards of the various economic groups within the same country. 


This statement is true of the late Clive Ivan Doubell. Born and raised in Port Elizabeth, Clive was an entrepreneur of note. He built up his keen business sense by gaining valuable experience in the motor vehicle industry, as well as the road building business and tourism industries! Only afterwards did he embark on the road that would lead to his ultimate business destiny.

After travelling intensively around South Africa and neighbouring African Countries- he was a keen hunter – he became acutely aware of the appalling living conditions that so many people were living in. It disturbed him to such an extent that he felt compelled to find a simple solution. With that the Doubell Range of Brick making Machinery was born.
Although he had designed a bigger machine in the late seventies, he realised that the demand was for a good, simple machine that was at an affordable price. There was a need for a unique machine that would be robust, durable and very easy to operate. An important criterion was for a sound machine priced to suit the South African Market.

Clive Doubell was also intent on empowering the individual to escape from a life of poverty and in this quest he would find a solution for the growing problem of unemployment and the shortage of housing in South Africa. 

Clive Ivan Doubell invented this phenomenal range of brick making machinery in 1981. He started with the DIY Range – his first machine being the AA. The BA machine followed shortly after.

At that time DIY brick making had not taken off in South Africa and Clive had to do the trade fair and agricultural show circuit educating and demonstrating. South Africa was ready to take up the challenge and the machinery was very well received. 

Clive also took his machines to the overseas market exhibiting, amongst others at:

• The Peruvian Trade Fair in 1986
• The Cologne Trade Fair in 1988
• The Birmingham Trade Fair in 1988
• The Lisbon Trade Fair in 1990
• 56th Thessaloniki International Trade Fair in 1991

At all the trade Fairs the machinery was very well received and the ingenuity of the design of the machinery received numerous compliments.

In 1985 Clive Doubell launched his successful Jumbo Mark 2 Range – a name that is copied by other brick making machine manufacturers. Even though the market had rapidly expanded, Clive was determined to keep the manufacture of the machinery in the Eastern Cape. Some of the original employees are still at the factory which is now situated in Albany Road.

In 2005, Clive lost a very brief battle with Cancer and passed away in June at the age of 52 years. It was a sore loss to the many people whom he empowered with a means to make their own fortune. Fortunately his wife, Gianna Doubell, has always been involved with the growth and development of the machinery. She has undertaken to ensure the continued success of Doubell Machines and make sure that the many dreams and goals of Clive will eventually be realised. 

Dane Doubell, Clive’s son graduated from UCT in 2005. With his dynamic approach to the business, he is injecting a new perspective into every facet of Doubell Machinery. Currently Doubell Machines is achieving ISO9001 accreditation. .We can only look forward to great things from Doubell Machines in the future.

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