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Hyperstat Brick-Making Machine

History Lesson

Expanding on the Microstat machine development, which proved a desirable machine design, an improved solution was devised in alignment with the Jumbo MK2.

The visual aesthetics were incorporated to further Doubell's identification in the market. In addition to that, some components were standardised in order to either share the parts or reduce the varied material ordering.

While it is important to ensure the customer gets the best quality, production capabilities must be kept in mind for lowering costs without compromising on that same quality. Since the improved version of the Microstat had a higher capacity for production and added two vibration motors above and below (although it could also be operated without the need for electricity), a 3mm steel square tube was used across all machine ranges to tolerate all vibration experienced and shock anticipated. This new, durable stationary brick machine was called the Doubell Hyperstat.

Just like the Jumbo Series, the Hyperstat brick-maker would feature the ability to accomodate various moulds for varying brick types. The machine was designed to incorporate changes to the height of the parts of the mould to reliably reproduce a high quality concrete brick product for all future moulds without the need to bring the machine back to the factory for retrofit.

The design was improved upon over the years for strengthening in areas that showed fatigue after several thousand cycles, as reported by customers. 

This machine is currently still in production, but was paused during covid lockdown. 

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