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Jumbo MK4 Brick-Making Machine

History Lesson

Customers entering the brick-making market always gravitate to the allure of automation. The idea that an automated machine is superior to one that is not has been a mental exercise of many an entrepreneur deciding how to spend their capital investment.

For this reason, we had developed a various machines using pneumatics, hydraulics and/or electric motors. One such development was the Jumbo MK4.

The Jumbo MK4 was the next upgrade from the Jumbo MK3. It was not an increase in cycle capacity, but rather an upgrade in automation. It utilised a system for controlling the compaction, vibration and even movement of the machine from one drop to the next. All the operator needed to do was ensure the mould was filled appropriately.

While this upgrade was theoretically a feature-packed improvement, it did not out-perform the production capacity of the Jumbo MK3 at all. In a competing setting, the speed of the MK4 was actually slower despite its more costly price tag.

Only a few models were made and sold before the range was discontinued.

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