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About Doubell Brick Machines

Doubell Machines is the manufacturer and exporter of brick-making and block-making machinery as well as allied equipment. For many years, Doubell Machines has been a prominent market-leader and an integral part of many South Africans in the helping of community upliftment and social improvement by empowering disadvantaged people to help themselves! 

Doubell Machines has kept their annual price increases below the supplier and other cost increases in order to maintain the affordability of machinery.People can purchase a machine that can be used to generate income, build a home, help remunerate the community and most importantly - provide hope and courage to many.

Whether you are a man/woman looking to build or extend your own house ;  a business entrepreneur wanting to make an income ; a humanitarian looking to improve lives or a government wanting to house / give jobs to struggling citizens - a Doubell machine can assist.


Manufacturing a quality product is not simply something that anyone can accomplish. We have managed to obtain reliability in our products from the combination of several things: A good base design (thanks to the founder); a long business history of field testing and revisions; a modern-day improvement system to ensure any issues do not reoccur; and the auditing body of SABS to ensure we are putting our customers first as the focus point.

Our machinery is an extension of the company, both of which have passed the reliability test for over 40 years.


Doubell Machines is a manufacturer of brick-making machines and allied equipment. The factory is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, but the customer base extends across the world.


In 1989, Doubell Machines became incorporated and focussed on a unified company goal – affordable machinery to help better the community & living standards of the impoverished in South Africa, creating a sustainable income for all involved.


Since inception, Doubell Machines has strived for quality, proving their brick and block machines design in the field repeatedly. At the same time, without compromising on quality, the company has kept in place a policy that product prices would only change once a year – despite the rise in supplier costs multiple times in between. This aligns itself with the company reputation of reliability.


While the core business focus is only brick-making machines, the product growth has been into all areas brick-making related, including mixers, barrows, hoppers and other complimentary offerings.

The ISO9001-2008 certification allows Doubell Machines to increase exports to other countries, with increased customer confidence that the company produces its goods on sound business principles and quality manufacturing processes.


Even if you don't manage to visit our showroom premises, be sure that we have a physical location with items we export around the world.

You are dealing with an established company with 40 years in business in this singular category: brick-making machinery.

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