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Jumbo MK2 Brick-Making Machine

History Lesson

In 1988, the Jumbo MK1 had made the jump from the Autobloc to a more variable machine that could accommodate various customer requirements, without the need for an entirely new machine. As a proven brick-making solution, the principle was developed further to increase the load capacity. That new model became the Jumbo MK2 in 1989 and immediately replaced the MK1. 

Where the MK1 was producing six stock bricks or one 6" block, the Jumbo MK2 would do twice the capacity and scaled at a faster production rate. This is because the work to fill the MK2 mould and complete a compaction cycle was roughly the same as the MK1 without additional operators.   

The machine won an innovation award at a trade fair, especially since the design allowed for the interchanging of moulds to produce various types of bricks with a single machine. 

The Jumbo MK2 was immensely successful and is still in production today, albeit several revisions later. Over the years, changes were made for improvement as manufacturing technology changed. 

The machine became a market leader and its shape and design were copied many times over. To this day, you'll find this visual similarity worldwide. 

While the Doubell Jumbo MK2 brick machine prompted the development of an even bigger Jumbo MK3 machine, it remains a popular entry-level commercial brick-maker. Its ability to fit on the back of a pickup truck (or "bakkie" in South Africa) makes it versatile to take to site and transport.

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