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I am because we are.

Over the decades, many individuals have given their time and energy towards something that will endure beyond them. We hope to honour all those that have passed through this factory and acknowledge their contribution to helping the lives of so many people.


Our Story

We are a business; but we are also a family. Past employees will attest that when there has been a need, Doubell Machines has risen to the occasion. We understand that workers are people; and people should primarily work to support a life and family. We have employees who have been with the business for over 30 years because of the mutual trust and respect we have. This philosophy of values becomes part of the machinery and is reflected in satisfied customers (both with the product and the service). 

Meet The Team, Past and Present.

doubell employees.png

We have tried to compile all the full-time employees that have helped to build a better world. Some photos simply don't exist because photography wasn't a readily available or affordable commodity decades ago; But these constitute the people in living memory of those who remain.

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