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ENKI Brick-Making Machine

Development roadmap

History Lesson

In the mid-90's, a need for a versatile machine was identified. The DIY was a good solution for self-reliance as well as for outlying areas, but it also requires a solid surface area. A machine was designed to make bricks on mould plates instead of the ground. This allowed for less-strenuous stand-up operation as well as bricks that could be interlocked vertically (like LEGO).

Parts were designed to be cast in Doubell's new aluminium foundry and in 1999, the ENKI was launched.


The ENKI continued to sell in batches on a make-to-order basis where customers were responsible for their own building so they could easily adopt an unconventional brick. After the foundry was closed down in 2009, the product line was ended and the schematics were archived.


Modern Revival

In the spirit of economic rebuilding, it was decided to recreate the ENKI brick-making machine using non-casting methods as a costing exercise and design challenge.


As a project goal, we would like to get this product in a rapidly deployable state for disaster management in hurricane or earthquake prone regions. Kits should be offered as table-top brick-making machines or as standalone options (with pedestal). A long-term vision would be to offer a single machine for every brick type (like the DIY range) but to begin with, options will be limited to a few selected bricks only. 


Phase not yet active.


Phase not yet active.


Phase not yet active.

Current Design Changes


  • Dedicated project page created

  • Project folder unarchived

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