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Jumbo MK1 Brick-Making Machine

History Lesson

After the success of the DIY hand mould brick machines, several prototypes were devised for a more commercial solution that offered a better brick with consistent quality. 

The Jumbo MK1 was one such machine; and came after the Autobloc. It didn't offer much more production per cycle over the DIY machines but it offered more cycles in a day and was more comfortable to use. The machine was also manufactured from steel instead of aluminium, which made it extremely durable for extended periods of use and over many years. Like the Autobloc, the first verson would only make one brick type per machine.

The Jumbo MK1 brick machine was a success and the technical mechanics became the basis for later machinery.

The machine formed a solid design basis for its successor, the Jumbo MK2, before any revision was even made to the existing MK1 model. In 1988, the Jumbo MK1 was retired and the design would only resurface again for revision as the Jumbo RDP many years later.

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