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DIY Brick-Making Machine

History Lesson

The Doubell Do-It-Yourself machine is what transformed the Doubell General Store enterprise, which sold equipment and machinery to the agricultural industry. The new easy-to-use brick-making machine became a repeat success for farmers to produce their own bricks and blocks on-site and in remote areas. Doubell Machines as a manufacturer was established and the name began its epic journey.

The versatile DIY brick-maker was a simple concept to comprehend. Mixture went into the mould; the stamper was used to compact; and the product remained behind to cure, freeing up the machine to repeat the process again.

While the process was simple enough to allow the concrete to cure in-place, the market was extremely skeptical. (More about this topic can be found in the company history page). Ultimately, the proof was in the product - and the product was always a high quality brick, as long as the correct minimum amount of cement was used in the mixture.

The design changed as the usage was monitored. Some steel components were switched out for aluminium to make the machine lighter to use; and the frame was changed to make it more ergonomically improved.  

The DIY continues firmly in the production schedule as made-to-order with a waiting list for each batch of machines manufactured.

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