If you have a Doubell Jumbo brick machine and you have decided to change your set-up to a stationary or static system, you have the option to convert your existing machinery with an adaptor. This "Static Adaptor" lets you produce bricks onto wooden boards that slide in and out of the adaptor on the pallet tray.

Static Adaptor

  • The latest models of static adaptors simply lock your machine in place with the wheels still functional. To change a mould, simply unlock the wheel clamps, roll the machine off the adaptor (using ramps) and change your mould as per normal. When done, roll the machine back onto the adaptor and clamp the machine in place to continue on.

  • We recommend nothing less than 19mm in thickness (not practically more than 28mm). Boards can be reclaimed plastic, bamboo or simple shutter-ply. Dimensions are as follows:

    Jumbo MK2 Board: 600 x 485 x 19 mm

    Jumbo MK3 Board: 1140 x 485 x 19 mm