For wet-mix moulds (made from plastic or wood) a different methodology is employed. Moulds are filled with a wetter concrete mixture and vibrated to release all the air bubbles. The moulds are then set aside for 6-24 hours to allow the mixture to set. The products are extracted and the mould used again. This method is perfect for garden ornaments and speciality cobble-stone paving.

Vibrating Table

  • Two vibrating motors are attached below the table surface plate. [One vibrating motor for the 1.2m model] The have reinforced supports to reduce cracking over time. The steel plate is rested on rubber mounts to keep vibration on the surface.

    The electrical push-button is mounted on a 1-metre tall stand together with the contactor and overload switch; so that it is kept away from the vibration and can be positioned as required (with a 5-metre long power cable)